Ramrugge Clog Morris

Ramrugge Dances

North West clog morris is a ritual dance; it was and is still used in the procession of rushcarts. It is almost military in style. In the archives it has been described as having "vigour and forcefulness". Our aim is to have a powerful, impressive presence. We don't always succeed, as, being mere amateurs, we occasionally have our off-days, but when we do succeed, it is enormously satisfying and we create quite a stir.

We dance quite slowly compared to many other North West sides because we believe that this style has more impact and, when executed well, is more impressive.

Our original inspiration were Earlsdon Morris, as seen performing at Bromyard Folk Festival in 1981 or thereabouts. They had great presence and commanded attention.

The dances we include in our repertoire tend to be the more challenging North West dances, so that we don't become bored or complacent. Currently we dance Manley, Leyland, Altrincham, Clitheroe, Peover, Colne, Garwich, Blackrod and Bankside. Since our inauguration in 1985 we have learnt and performed 28 dances and we are passionate about keeping the North West Morris tradition alive.