Ramrugge Clog Morris

Ramrugge KitRamrugge kit (male)

Our colours are blue, red and white. We prefer an unfussy look, which has been described as 'clean'.  The men wear grey top hats and the women wear red scarves (that's not the only way to tell us apart). Our clogs are specially made for us, by one of the few remaining clog makers. They are the traditional footwear of the mill workers, the wooden soles perfect for keeping feet dry on long walks to work in the rain. The addition of iron "horseshoes" on the soles of the clogs gives us that wonderful noise that sets us apart from other dancers.  The irons also make dancing on certain surfaces particularly exciting as it can be like dancing on ice. We don't over do bells; the men have a set on their arms and we all have a set for our clogs.  The bells are traditionally awarded after a person has achieved their first "Dance Out".

When we dance out, looking smart is part of the dance experience and infringements of kit is dealt with seriously by the kit police, better known as the Squire.